fmt.Println("Hello world!")

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fmt.Println("Hello world!")

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Ismael Abdelatif
·May 4, 2022·

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Hello, welcome to my first post!

Actually, it's not my first, but the second article I wrote. I published my first one on Medium in 2019 and wrote about Implementing Apollo Client in Android Studio. A lot has happened since then, and I finally decided to get back to writing about what I love: programming and technology.

My purpose of this personal blog is to write posts about topics I'm interested in, or about tools I'm learning (like my series on the Go programming language), and thus learn them even better by putting them into writing.

A little about me

I was born and raised in Germany and recently finished my studies. Together with my wife, I moved to Silicon Valley to start my career as a software engineer.

If you had asked any of my teachers from High School if I'd end up in software engineering, they would have laughed. I had hardly anything to do with programming, although I had friends who had been doing it for ages, I myself had other things on my mind at that time, like disassembling radios and then not being able to reassemble them again. My mom loved it. Not.

But my interest grew when I dropped out of my first college program in Medical Engineering after only one semester. Although I had the idea of Medical Engineering in my head for a while, after a few weeks I realized that I didn't want to be a medical engineer anymore. I hated it so much.

However, I was able to make my first attempts at programming there, as I had a course that taught me the basics of Java and object orientation. This was the only course that really interested me, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided that I wanted to do something with software development. Not just a bit like a Medical Engineer, no, I wanted to write software for a living, full time.

College 2.0

A little later I started my new studies in a new city and loved it from day one.

During my time at university, I was able to learn languages such as Java, JavaScript, C++, and Python and made my first attempts with web, Android, and iOS development. I also got to learn the basics of Natural Language Processing, UI/UX design, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems, and other topics.

Through an internship and freelancing alongside studying, I got deep into web development and learned a lot of tools and frameworks. In fact, I am still working as a freelancer, which is quite amazing.

But I lost sight of topics like Java, C++, and OOP, the part that I like to call "real software engineering" as I was mostly just working with JavaScript. Don't get me wrong, JavaScript is great and fun, but I had the urge to dive back into "the other stuff".

Learning Go

Now that I'm looking for a job after finishing my degree, I've started to refresh my Java knowledge in the last weeks.

Besides Java, I also wanted to get my feet wet with another language, and for that, I chose Go. Golang is a more suitable language for my field of interest which is web and network development, learning it is more fun, and it is suuuper fast.

So it was a no-brainer to sit my ass down on a chair and to start learning. This decision was ultimately the trigger to start this blog, as I wanted to write about what I learned. And even though I don't want to limit myself exclusively to Go, at least in the beginning a big part will be about it.

Now you know why I'm doing this blog and what you can expect. And if you have any suggestions, questions or ideas, feel free to contact me on Twitter!

– Ismael

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